Unmanned Aerial Systems
Unmanned Aerial Systems Bat Surveys, North Carolina

Unmanned Aerial Systems

W3 Engineering can obtain both nadir and oblique photos and videos over land, air, or sea. We provide pilot and visual observers and can obtain the necessary airspace authorization needed to fly in controlled airspace. We can produce 2D and 3D orthographic models.

W3 Engineering provides high quality photos and videos of valuable assets, such as cell phone towers, bridges, solar panels, transmission lines, land fencing, ships/cargo ports/cargo cranes and can provide routine inspections for any damages that may occur to these assets.

We provide training for FAA Part 107 license on the Federal and State level. The training we provide is on automated flight hardware and software applications. We help you choose the right UAS platform for your needs. Help develop standard SOPs or business.

UAS Herbicide & Pesticide Aerial Applications Drones are ideal for targeted and efficient spraying of herbicide and Pesticide applications and can be fitted with cameras to allow monitoring areas without the need for coming in contact with potentially dangerous terrain or disturbing other plant and animal life, helping to minimize impact in the spray area that might affect native species. Drones can be mobilized quickly making them ideal for locations with unpredictable weather patterns. They can be programmed to target a specific area and are flown at low altitudes to reduce the amount of herbicide/pesticides blown by wind, using less spray.


W3 Engineering’s UAS team is certified for:

  • FAA Part 137 Aerial Agricultural Operations with UAS exemption
  • NCDA&CS Aerial Agricultural Applicator
  • FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Certification
  • FAA Part 107.29 Daylight Operations Wavier
  • NCDOT UAS Commercial and Operator Permits


Hurricane Florence 2018 North Carolina
When you need eyes in the sky to see and assess storm damages, W3 Engineering’s fleet of drones can provide you with a quick, cost effective solution.  We provided real-time aerial services following Hurricanes Florence and Dorian flooding on US 421 and I-40 for the NC Department of Transportation. Our drones deploy high resolution and thermal cameras allowing extremely close-up and infrared imagery of storm related damages.

Following major storm events, State and Local Governments do not always have the personnel resources to navigate FEMA’s Public Assistance Program and Policies.

W3 Engineering engineers and environmental specialists have extensive experience with administering FEMA’s Public Assistance (PA) Program which coordinates emergency assistance to the public, local governments, and state governments in order to address emergency work and storm damage repairs.

Serving as agents of PA recipients and sub-recipients, we will execute the Public Assistance Management Plan, provide storm damage inspections, determine repair projects scope of work and cost estimates, establish a prioritized listing of repair projects based on operational needs and policy requirements, coordinate environmental permitting and hazard mitigation, and provide close coordination with the regional FEMA PA leadership.

In the wake of hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, and other devastating events, the assessment of damage and clean-up efforts become a priority. W3 Engineering has the expertise to provide aerial survey and assessment of the damage, to determine the extent of the debris field and scope of volume, provide real-time debris field imagery, identify the best means of ingress and egress for debris removal, and develop and implement a debris removal plan.  Our trusted relationship with a team of proven debris removal contractors who are sensitive to wildlife and fragile environments.  Our contractors maintain a fleet highly specialized debris removal equipment capable of low-impact precision removal techniques.  We offer turn-key solutions with the experience of FEMA Public Assistance policies in regards to debris removal reimbursement procedures.