Unmanned Aerial Systems Project

Bodie Island Lighthouse, Nags Head, NC Invasive Plant Species Spraying

Bodie Island Lighthouse | Nags Head, NC

Scenic Consulting Group was contracted by the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) to aid in the support of a long-term wetland mitigation plan involving the treatment of approximately fifty acres of an invasive aquatic plant species, (Phragmities australis) using a sUAS (small Unmanned Aerial System) for multiple missions along with intermittent backpack spraying of herbicide at Bodie Island Lighthouse Pond.

The NCDOT was challenged on how to treat the invasive species without leaving a physical footprint that traditional herbicide treatments would incur. Manned aerial vehicles were also unable to fly within the project airspace due to high-voltage powerlines and sensitive flora species within the project area. Scenic Consulting Group was tasked with developing a method to spray with a UAS and pursue the correct licenses at the State and Federal level to spray herbicides from a UAS. Scenic Consulting Group was able to complete completed the first application of the site in 2019.